„Sturmkaiser“ – Distanzierung vom Rechtsextremismus?

Aufgrund unserer Berichterstattung über die italienische Band „Sturmkaiser“ (siehe Archiv u.u.a. hier: Sturmkaiser) erreichten uns mehrere Emailnachrichten der Gruppe, in denen sie sich vom Rechtsextremismus distanziert bzw. dies versucht. Da die Argumentation der Band für eine breitere Öffentlichkeit von Interesse sein dürfte, dokumentieren wir im Folgenden unsere Konversation mit der Band:

Mail von „Sturmkaiser“ an fightfascism v. 11.02.2010:

Dear …,

We are Svafnir and Kirion, singer and guitarist of Sturmkaiser respectively.

The purpose of this letter is to clarify some issues that have arisen in an article published on your webpage about the relation of SK with extreme right groups. We want to point out from the beginning that we are writing to you without any intention to provoke you, and to make any consideration about your political views and your website. Rather, we think it is appropriate to bring some light in this dark void concerning the alleged “fascist attitude” of Sturmkaiser and we are sure that you can understand our position.

1) SS SHIRT: The symbol on our shirt represent bolts, thunders. It is not anyhow associated with runes. The band is composed by 5 members, so there are 5 bolts. They are not by any means ss runes, and never wanted to be so.

2) ABSURD: We played a concert with Absurd, but we have to admit that probably we did not considered the sensibility of German people regarding what Absurd means in your country. We try to explain it better: for us it is just ok to play where people call us, with every kind of extreme metal band, just because we play extreme metal. In Italy a concert with Absurd is not seen the same as in Germany. There was no problem for us, and no intention to make any political propaganda (which indeed did not take place). We have to say, that we had great time with our fans and we enjoyed a normal metal night. It is very likely that in Germany things are much different; still, in Italy this is our point of view.

3) CHRISTHUNT PRODS.: As there is explicitly written on the statement of Draugr’s myspace, when we recorded our first album, we immediately found in CHP a good and a rapid way to make our cd coming out. The facts about CHP involvements in ns movement were absolutely unknown to us, and thanks to CHP we had a good distribution and a good productions. Every fact about ns you talk about (We don’t even know a word of german so we cannot understand) is really outside Draugr and us in general.

4) HAIL VICTORY title of SK: Indeed, we have to say that we couldn’t imagine that these words in english (hail victory) could be considere as a crime, when the same words in spanish are not (Hasta la victoria)! At the end of the day, if you read the lyrics of Veni Vidi Vici album you will not find any trace whatsoever of nsbm content. However, we have been associated to that scene, without any authentic support to this claim. Indeed, every time we had the possibility to meet people, things have been much different. For instance, when we were in Stuttgart, the owner of the club (and we put an emphasis on this, a club which is normally considered as a leftist club) even apologized with us for judging ourselves before meeting us.

5) Statements: We wrote two complete statement about Sturmkaiser and Draugr on our webpages, which are public and can be read by anyone. We are firmly outside any kind of political propaganda, we play and sing songs about folklore, battles and goliardic spirit in a form of thrash – punk – black metal with folk influences!

Just to conclude, Draugr and Sk are really outside of political active movements. After all, if we were fascist, we would not care about announcements like yours. Real NS bands are proud about their status and do not involve themselves in discussions with groups which they consider made by „idiots“. The fact that we are writing to you about this should be by itself a demonstration that we are not (and we don’t want to be) involved in any political activity. We think that you can understand our points as we can understand yours, and we hope to come to a conclusion about the fact that we don’t want absolutely to support any political ideology by the means of our music.

Best regards

Svafnir & Kirion

Antwort von fightfascism vom 11.02.2010:

Hello, first thanks for your statement. You did not mention your concerts together with the well known neonazi/racist band „goatmoon“ in czech republic and germany, which were organized by the neonazi hendrik möbus, and the concert with „ad hominem“ in italy. i suppose that you did know who is goatmoon, who is ad hominem and who is möbus, did you not?
by the way, many italian people were killed by national socialists, so i can not understand that obviously there is no problem with such neo-nazi bands like „absurd“ in italy. you did a record release with the label of the actual vocalist of „absurd“, ronald möbus. the label is called „nebelfee klangwerke“. we never did call you „neo-nazi“, „fascist“ or something in that way. we only said that you obviously don’t have problems with connections and contacts to the neo-nazi part in black metal. to have contacts with these people and bands is also a kind of „political act“, because you make a „statement“, a sign with that.

greetings, …

Email der Band „Sturmkaiser“ vom 15.02.2010:

Dear …,

Thank you for your reply, I’m answering now because I’m full of work and so on…

Indeed, as pointed out in our previous mail, we played those concerts because we simply accept all offers to play we receive. What usually happens is that since we sing about war and we have a German name containing the word „kaiser“ we receive invitations to play with these bands. However, we would like to add a couple of details about this. Before accepting Moebus‘ offer, we explicitly asked for guarantees about the lack of any political affiliation of the event. As a result, no political symbols were on the stage and no political proclamation were made before or after the show. The same is true for the Ad Hominem gig (where also other normal bands played, we were simply called).  We would never accept to play under a swastika banner or in a political party’s meeting. On the other hand, it is not our business to care about what other people playing after or before us may think about politics and religion. We don’t care whether they are right or left wing voters (of course we played gigs together with both kinds of people, and we are working togheter for new Draugr’s album with artists completely out from any political kind of view, or even „anti right“), christian or satanist believers, gay or straight, etc etc. Music is music, real life is another thing. We want to play our music, end of the story.

However, hopefully we live in a free Europe, and therefore you are free to express all your ideas through the means that you prefer. Still, we think that you are completely wrong of accusing us of nazi affiliation. There are many bands with far-right believes in metal and in many other kinds of music for sure, but Sturmkaiser, Draugr and people inside are not among those. We thought it was fair to let you know our opinion about the whole story before you could form any personal view on it, because via your website we felt as wrongly judged.

We thank you for your attention and we remain at your disposal shall you have any inquiry about this.

Best Regards,

Svafnir and Kirion

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