„Aryan Battle Noise“? – Neo Nazi band Temnozor is doing a concert tour through Europe in January 2010

The concert tour of the Russian NS-Black Metal band, which will be supported by other Neo Nazi bands and „unpolitical“ bands , will start on 7th of January with a show in Zabrze (Poland). On 8th of January they will play in Brno (Czech Republic), on 9th in Nitra (Slovakia), on 10th in Budapest (Hungary), on 15th in Annaberg-Buchholz (Germany) and on 16th in Roermond (Netherlands). The tour is advertised on homepages of several Neo Nazi organisations, for example by the „Stormfront“ forum and the so called „Pagan Front“ which is an alliance of „National Socialist Black Metal“ bands. The concerts of Temnozor will be supported by the following (Neo Nazi) bands:

CK Wiatrak, Zabrze, Poland: Iperyt, Abusiveness, Sekhmet

KD Svatoboj, Brno, Czech Republic: Sezarbil, Slunovrat, Diagon

RC Naozzay, Nitra, Slovakia: Aeon Winds, Imperium

Pogo Loco Club, Budapest, Hungary: Heldentod, Grimness

De Azijnfabriek, Roermond, Netherlands: Huldrefolk

Gleis 3, Annaberg-Buchholz, Germany: ?

In the following text one can find more information about the bands which shall play on the tour with „Temnozor“.


Political views:

The Russian band „Temnozor“ was formed in 1996. It was a racist and anti-semitic band from the beginning of its existence. In an interview in 1998 the band speaks about its world view: “(…) I believe that perishment of christianity is possible at the moment, however pagan revival will stay only a dream until modern civilization based on materialism and judaism is annihilated (…)”. Furthermore the band calls for (violent) action against those who are their scape goat for the problems of the society: “(…) think about the future of our Land, our Race and our nation. If most of you will act the same way, trying to break the chains of judeo-christian slavery and consequences of it’s noxious impact (i.e. disastrous ecological, demographic and geopolitic state of the whole White Race) speaking a lot but doing nothing, then soon there will be nothing and nobody to save. We have to act now. It’s not an appeal to start demagogic debate of the detriment of judeo-christian culture (…) It’s the appeal to real, precisely planned actions. I guess, those who need it, already understood what I’m talking about… and others simply are of no interest to me. Praise Russia! Hail the White Race! Support the forthcoming War!“ (Source: http://www.rusmetal.ru/vae_solis/Temnozor.htm)

In an interview with the „Resistance Magazine“ in 2004 the band members said: „TEMNOZOR‘, the spirit of the Sunrise, was born back in 1996 a.y.p.s. to revoke the Flame of the Aryan Heathen Spirit in the Hearts of the Young (…)“. With their music the members of the band try to spread the National Socialist ideology: „And the last thing to mention in concern to the already infamous “Horizons…” CD. Many comrades outside of Russia are not aware that May 5th the latest fullength album of the legendary Russian NS Pagan Metal horde TEMNOZOR‘ was released on license for the local sales inside of ex-USSR by one of the biggest mainstream hard-rock/metal labels here (the label which releases mainstream crap like ozzy osbourne, yngwee malmsteen, behemoth, mayhem and marduk for Russia). Two days later, on 7th of May the first pressing of this CD was banned and withdrawn from sales. Funny enough that the most of this 1st pressing was already sold out during these 2 days, before anyone could do anything, creating a huge impact over this CD and over the band itself. This was the first mass propaganda action from TEMNOZOR‘ camp and such attempts to infiltrate into the major metal scene with our Racial message will continue. We strive for the education and uprising of the White youth. And even if we don’t get a dime from all these CD releases, TEMNOZOR‘ is going to try even bigger things to make our Racial Hateful message to reach our Youth everywhere. KULTURKAMPF!“ (…) TEMNOZOR‘ is a cry-out of our Aryan Hearts. Grievous, yet Hateful, Hopeful and Proud. A loud cry addressed to our Aryan brothers and sisters. (…) TEMNOZOR‘ is the summoning battlecry, the propaganda, yet nowhere blatant (whoever might think that the propaganda music always means primitive lyrical approach, should take the Russian dictionary and try to translate TEMNOZOR‘ lyrics). It’s an inspired and inspiring call to arms, addressed to the masses of the awakening and half-awakened Aryan Youth. Thus is the music – it’s folkish, powerful and catchy, it’s the modern form of the Aryan BattleNoise.

(…)TEMNOZOR reflects certain aspects of our Aryan Weltanschauung and these are the perfect sounds of the Racial Holy War we wage. (…) A half of TEMNOZOR’s current line-up are skinheads, the other half are NS metal folks. So what do you think our attitude to this subject could be? Racially conscious Aryan folks must stand as one to survive, when we bleed and die on the streets of our own cities, who is so dumb to divide the comrades upon the style of music they listen to? Besides, there are tons of skinheads who listen and even play NSBM and there are many WP metallers who listen R.A.C. and play in R.A.C. bands. I guess the bands like NOKTURNAL FEAR (ANGRY ARYANS frontman thrash/black metal project), BEFORE GOD (BOUND FOR GLORY frontman black/death metal project), WARHEAD (Olaf of HONOR and Varggoth of NOKTURNAL MORTUM common project), not even to mention ourselves, hahahah, show the brighter examples of such unity more than perfect. TEMNOZOR‘ collaborates with both WP skinhead and metal scenes,and when it comes to our relations with other Russian skinheads, I could only repeat what I already wrote in the answer to some other question of this interview – some TEMNOZOR‘ members are now the part of VANDAL, which is one of the most respected Russian R.A.C. bands both locally and worldwide. All is clear here now I hope. (…) We’re inspired by racial and religious Hate, by Love and Aryan kinsmenship spirit.(…) that’s our grimness. The grimness of our Aryan European Nature, the grimness of our Spirituality.

Connections to Neo Nazi organisations, labels and bands

„Temnozor“ is a member of the so called „Pagan Front“ which is an international alliance of „National Socialist Black Metal“-bands. In the mentioned interview with the „Resistance Magazine“ the band speaks about its success in the Neo Nazi subculture and about connections to other Neo Nazi bands: „The debut demo\album „Sorcery is Strengthening the Black Glory of Rus“ (…) received tons of positive reviews from the various underground ‚zines and earned great and enthuziastic response from many authorities of Radical Black Metal and White Power scenes. Despite of the isolationist politics of the band back in the past, circa 3.000 copies of this work were sold during 3 years and some more copies were merely bootlegged… By today, this work is already labeled as „cult“ by many. (…) The band’s line-up was partly reinforced by the soldiers from other well-known NSBM hordes (NOKTURNAL MORTUM, FOREST, BRANIKALD) (…) So, one way or another all the musicians in TEMNOZOR‘ are the session ones. Most of them have the projects of their own or play in other bands. Just to name a few: NOKTURNAL MORTUM, BRANIKALD, FOREST, NITBERG, VOLKOTEN’ and VANDAL (the latter being one of the 2 oldest “Blood & Honour Russia” bands).

The records of the band were released by the following Neo Nazi labels:

2002/03: „Sorcery is Strengthening the Black Glory of Rus“: „Hakenkreuz Productions“ („long-time comrades“ of „Temnozor“, see the mentioned interview with „Resistance Magazine“).

2003: „Horizons“: Ascent Records (ex-Drakkar Vinland Prod) and „East Side Records“ and „Nebelfee Klangwerke“

„Sorcery of fragments“ (Stellar Winter Rex)

2005: „Eastern Hammer“ (Hammerbolt Productions) – split release with the Neo Nazi bands „Graveland“, „Nokturnal Mortum“ and „North“.

One band member is the owner of the largest Russian NS-black metal-Label „Stellar Winter Records“. In 2007 „Temnozor“ played at the „Frey Faxi“-festival – a NS-Black Metal-festival, which took place in Romania (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frey_Faxi_Festival).

„Temnozor“ said about the „Pagan Front“: „THE PAGAN FRONT is the organization of musical bands, labels, distros, zines and active individuals within the scene, working for the return of the Aryan Heathen values back into the Black Metal music. The main aim of THE PAGAN FRONT is to propagate the Racial values within the masses of youth inside the metal subculture, to awaken as many Aryans to the higher struggle as possible through one of the most effective weapons ever – the Art… Though we do not limit our work to the musical scene only, the most of THE PAGAN FRONT members are taking part in political parties, Heathen / philosophical / traditionalist societies and politically active street brigades in their local places.“ Source: http://www.lastfm.de/user/UlvhedinGrom/journal


Two members of the band play also in the Neo Nazi band „Infernal War“: This band is also known as „Infernal SS“. „SS“ means the german word „Schutzstaffel“. The Schutzstaffel („defense squadron“), or SS, was a large paramilitary organization that was a principal component of the Nazi party. The SS was led by Heinrich Himmler from 1929 until it was disbanded in 1945 with the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II. The Nazis regarded the SS as an elite unit, the Party’s „praetorian guard“, with all SS personnel selected on racial and ideological grounds. The SS was distinguished from the German military, Nazi Party, and German state officials by their own SS ranks, SS unit insignia, and SS uniforms. The SS played a key role in The Holocaust: SS Einsatzgruppen units massacred over one million civilians, mostly Jews, in mass shootings; SS leader Heinrich Himmler was one of the chief architects of the Final Solution; and SS units rounded up Jews and ran the concentration camps and extermination camps in which millions of Jews, Poles, and Roma were killed. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schutzstaffel

The band has produced songs like “ Czarne Legiony SS (Black Legions of SS)“, „Jewhammer“, „Genocide Command“. Following you find parts of an interview with the band „Infernal War“: „(Interviewer):… On your split-EP with Inferno is a statement saying that you have nothing to do with nazism and NS. But I don’t understand something here… On the cover of that EP is a photo from the 2nd World War presenting heaps of corpses, and one of your older tracks is about Hitler’s Schutzstaffel… I’ve also heard that some of you personally are still supporting the NS ideology. So, how is it really? (Infernal War): This statement means that we are no political band. Our lyrics deal with destruction of christianity – sometimes mixed with events from World War II (like in the song „Czarne Legiony SS“ which you mentioned). Is singing about judeo-christian genocide and annihilation of today`s degenerated, multicultural world politics? I don`t think so. It is not a matter of compromise, it is the matter of concept. We never changed our view on anything. Hail Victory!“ (Source: http://www.mz.art.pl/interviews/infernal_war.htm)

„Hail Victory“ is English for the german „Sieg heil“. Sieg Heil is a German phrase, which literally means „For ensured victory“, or „For The Win“. During the Nazi era, it was a common chant at political rallies. Whenmeeting someone, it was customary in Nazi Germany to give the Hitler salute and say the words „Sieg Heil“. At political rallies such as the one atNuremburg, banners were displayed displaying the message „Sieg Heil“ along with the swastika. The NSDAP (Nazi Party) made a pin badge in 1933 displaying a victory wreath, the Swastika, and the words „Sieg Heil“ (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sieg_Heil).


In an interview the band speaks about one of its records: „Many people say that “Masová očista člověka” album has its roots in NS ideology, but I think that it is not true, because lyrics are against judeo-christianity. For example “Zyklon B” is our hit and it speaks just about the gas, but it has nothing to do with WW2, NS ideology or Adolf Hitler. For example “Čistá krev” is accused of being an NS song, but it is about a selection in underground. It is about black metal. Only proud and strong will remain.“

A member of the band about National Socialism: „I’d like to say that I don’t put national socialism into the music of SEKHMET. It’s just my personal opinion I believe in. Since my childhood I live in a city full of gypsies, Vietnamese and other immigrants, so my thinking has changed since my early age. I think that Adolf Hitler was an important person for this world. I support his ideology just in few aspects. I’m Slavic and I feel like a Slav. There’s nothing more to say about Adolf Hitler.“

DIAGON: The band consists of members of the Neo Nazi bands „Sekhmet“ and „Silva Nigra“

HELDENTOD: NS-Black Metal from Hungary

HULDREFOLK: On 7th of June 2008 the band „Huldrefolk“ played together with the Neo Nazi bands “Der Stürmer” and “Absurd” on a concert which was organized by the Belgium arm of the Neo Nazi movement “Blood & Honour”. On 14th of June “Huldrefolk” should play on a concert in Brno (Czech Republic) together with the Neo Nazi bands “Sunwheel” and “Kataxu” but the concert was cancelled.

Update 02.01.2010: Dutch Newspaper „De Telegraaf“ is reporting about the Neo Nazi concert:

Roermond wil onderzoek Russische ’nazi-band‘

AMSTERDAM –  De gemeente Roermond heeft de inlichtingendienst AIVD gevraagd een onderzoek in te stellen naar de risico’s van een optreden van de Russische extreem-rechtse metalband Temnozor in die gemeente. Het plaatselijke muziekpodium De Azijnfabriek heeft de band gecontracteerd voor een optreden op 16 januari.

Burgemeester Henk van Beers liet zaterdag weten komende maandag overleg te voeren met de AIVD. „We kijken of het verantwoord is dat de band hier optreedt, zo niet, dan grijpen we in”, aldus Van Beers. Volgens de Azijnfabriek gaat het om een exclusief optreden in Nederland van Temnozor, een oud Russisch woord voor ochtendschemering. Het extreem-rechtse Stormfront stelt dat het voor het eerst is dat de band in West Europa optreedt.

Het als neonazi-band bekend staande Temnozor noemt zichzelf anti-christelijk en Slavisch heidens. Temnozor is lid van het zogenoemde Pagan Front (heidense front), een internationale alliantie van nationaalsocialistische black-metalbands. De cd’s van de band zijn uitgebracht op neonazi-labels, zoals Hakenkreuz-Productions. Van Beers zegt enkele dagen geleden „bij geruchte” gehoord te hebben over het geplande concert van de band. Direct daarna heeft hij telefonisch contact opgenomen met de AIVD en de dienst om een onderzoek gevraagd.


Update 09.01.2010: The concert in Roermond was cancelled and according to Hungarian anti-fascists, the concert in Budapest will also not take place at the „Pogo Loco Club“.

Update 11.01.2010: The Temnozor-show in Nitra, Slovakia, was also cancelled.


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