Czech City Zatec: Meeting point of German Neo-Nazis?

The Czech City Zatec is going to become a meeting point of German Neo-Nazis: In the beginning of November a concert with several Neo-Nazi-“Black Metal“-bands ist scheduled to take place in a restaurant there – and it is not the first time. On 22nd of May already such a concert took place at the same location. The French Neo Nazi-One-Man-Project „Ad Hominem“ played with other Neo-Nazi-bands and it could happen without any problems and protests.

At the concert in November several Neo-Nazi bands are announced to play: One song of the Finnish band „Goatmoon“ is called „Aryan Evil“, at the song „Der Sieg des Ziegenmondes“ one can find the following lyric: „Doch das Hakenkreuz wird sich über unserem Heimatboden erheben ! Die Zeit der Reinwaschung steht unmittelbar bevor“ (translated: „However the Svastika will soar about our home ground! The time of exculpation is imminent.“ At the beginning of 2008 the band played at two concerts in Finland, together with the Neo-Nazi-bands „Absurd“, „Satanic Warmaster“ and „Der Stürmer“. The Italian band „Sturmkaiser“, which is also scheduled to play, in 2005 has also already played together with the German „Absurd“.

The Czech band „Sekhmet“ is also a Neo-Nazi-Band. In April 2008 it was scheduled to play in Brno with several other Neo-Nazi-bands, but the concert was cancelled. On 22nd of May 2009 it played with the already mentioned „Ad Hominem“ at Zatec. One day later the band had a show in Germany – again together with several „brown“ bands („Freitod“, „Menegroth“, „Ad Hominem“). The last mentioned concert was organized by a German Neo-Nazi: Hendrik Möbus. Möbus is the former drummer of the band „Absurd“ which is one of the most popular German „National Socialist Black Metal“-bands.

He owns the Record Label „Darker than Black“ and also the Online Shop „Merchant of Death“. Under the name „Totentanz Konzerte“ he organises Neo-Nazi concerts in Germany and other European countries. He is also responsible for the concert in Zatec. Apart from the already mentioned bands a further „Special guest“ is announced to play at the concert in Zatec. It is assumed that a German Neo-Nazi band is meant, for example the band „Absurd“.


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