Neo Nazi Project „Ad Hominem“ – Concerts in Europe

Update (30.04.2009): The concert on 22nd of May at the „Exit Chmelnice“ in Prague was cancelled, instead the Neo Nazi concert is now scheduled to take place at the restaurant „Lidový Dům“ in Zatec but without the bands „Legacy of Blood“ and „Slunovrat“.

The French Neo Nazi One-Man Project “Ad Hominem“ is announced to play several concerts in Europe in April and May. The band was founded in 1998. In 2002 it produced a record with the title “Planet ZOG – The End”. “ZOG” means “Zionist Occupied Government”, so it means an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory which holds that Jews secretly control a given country, while the formal government is a puppet regime. On the record one can find a song with the title “Auschwitz rules”, which is a glorification of the National Socialist Holocaust and mass murder. In interviews, the band member “Kaiser Wodhanaz” spoke about his political opinion: About National Socialism: ““However I admire the 39-45 era, and I feel close to its visual. I`m also against mongrelism, white European people should have stayed pure.” About “Aryanism”: „Aryanism is more a way of live than a state. You can be born blond and blue-eyed, and anyway support mongrelism and love niggers. […] I rather think that Aryanism is like elitism.“ On 4th of April „Ad Hominem“ are announced to play at the club „162“ in Hekelgem, Belgium. First the concert should take place at the club “The Frontline” in Gent but it was cancelled because of antifascist protests. On 30th of April “Ad Hominem” shall play at the “SWR Metalfest” in Barroselas. On 22nd of May they are announced to play at the “Exit Chmelnice” in Prague. This concert is organized by Marian Prochazka who did several concerts with Neo Nazi Black Metal Bands in the Czech Republic in the past. At the concert further Neo Nazi bands shall play: “Infernal War” (Poland), “Inferno” (Czech Republic), “Sekhmet” (Czech Republik). Also the bands „Legacy of blood“ and “Slunovrat” are announced. Obviously on 23rd a concert with “Ad Hominem” is scheduled to take place in Saxony.


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Auf dieser Seite gehts darum, rechtsextreme und neonazistische Aktivitäten in der Metal- und Neofolk-Szene sowie in anderen Subkulturen aufzuzeigen und über einschlägige Bands, Labels usw. aber auch über antifaschistische Gegenaktivitäten zu informieren.

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