Neonazi Concert in Belgium cancelled for the 2nd time

A concert with the extreme right Death Metal Band „Arghoslent“ (and also “Natrach” and “Gravewürm”) from USA was scheduled to take place on 10th of March at the club „The Frontline“ in Gent. Because of threats against his person the organizer of the concert first decided to cancel the concert. Nevertheless the concert now should take place at the Jeugdhuis Jakkedoe in Desselgem, but it was again cancelled. In the beginning of march „Arghoslent“ played some shows in Finland in common with the Neo Nazi bands „Satanic Warmaster“ and „Hammer“. „Arghoslent“ also released a split-record with the Greek Neo Nazi band “Der Stürmer”. On the record one can find a song with the title “The Ghosts of Flossenburg” which is glorifying the National Socialist concentration camps Flossenbürg and Sachsenhausen. Furthermore “Arghoslent” is announced to play at a “Hammerskins” Neonazi-Festival on 23rd of May in the USA.

Cover of split-record of the Neo Nazi bands „Mudoven“, „Der Stürmer“ and „Arghoslent“

On 4th of April a further Neo Nazi concert is scheduled to take place at “The Frontline” Club. The French Neonazi Band “Ad Hominem” and also the bands “Counthell”, “Koester”, “Natrach” and “Infinity” shall play.


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