Neonazi Concerts in Finland

Several „Black Metal“ Concerts with Neo Nazi bands are scheduled to take place in Finland in the next months.

“The Taste of Victory… White Thunder Roards Over Finland Tour 2009”
In February the so called “The Taste of Victory… White Thunder Roars Over Finland Tour 2009” shall take place in the Finnish cities Tampere, Helsinki and Kouvola. Two Neo Nazi bands (“Kroda” and “Temnozor”) are announced for the three concerts, following one can find some information about the bands. The Neo Nazi concerts are organized by „Furore Finnum“ (Mikael Sorsa) which already organized some such concerts in Finland in 2008 (see in the following) and are also advertised by the Neo Nazi group „Pagan Front“.

Logo of „Furore Finnum“ with svastika

“Kroda”: In an Interview with the German Metal-Online-Magazine “Ruhrmetal.com”, „Eisenslav“, the front man of the Ukrainian band „Kroda“ (which was formed in 2003) , describes their music: „(…) It is the echoes of Ancient Battles for Our Native Land and for Our Blood. It is the gnash of swords, clash of battle axes and hissing of arrows, crushing and sweeping away all the hostile being from Our Land. It is the resounds of terrible battle outcry of Aryan Warriors Allfadr and the raging roar of Aryan Archetype Wolfish Nature.(…)“. Nevertheless he states that „Kroda“ is not a “National Socialist Black Metal”(NSBM)-band: „Speaking about Kroda style – this is not NSBM. People correctly define our vein as Folk Pagan Metal. Except of that, we don’t sing about politics but use completely another topics: traditionalism, culture, nature… I shall not deny the fact that anyway we have certain political views, but this is not about musical aspect of Kroda. I can add here only that both of us feel disgust when we take look upon nowadays political situation that seems like some show.“
(http://www.ruhrmetal-mag.de/interviews/index.php?page=show&id=23&oft=1). In an other interview, „Eisenslav“ is asked if he believes in the Anti-semitic idea of „Z.O.G. alliance“, „jewish conspiracy and so on and he answers: „Seems that only those who watch TV too much are able not to see it! It’s obvious even for a blind man!“. In the end of the interview, he greets with the following words: „Aryan Regards! WOTAN über Alles!“ ( http://www.mortemzine.net/article.php?id=256)
“Temnozor”: This Russian band was formed in 1996. It was a racist and Anti-Semitic band from the beginning of its existence. In an interview in 1998 the band speaks about its world view: “(…) I believe that perishment of christianity is possible at the moment, however pagan revival will stay only a dream until modern civilization based on materialism and judaism is annihilated (…)”. Furthermore the band calls for (violent) action against those who are the scape goat for the problems of the society: “(…) think about the future of our Land, our Race and our nation. If most of you will act the same way, trying to break the chains of judeo-christian slavery and consequences of it’s noxious impact (i.e. disastrous ecological, demographic and geopolitic state of the whole White Race) speaking a lot but doing nothing, then soon there will be nothing and nobody to save. We have to act now. It’s not an appeal to start demagogic debate of the detriment of judeo-christian culture (…) It’s the appeal to real, precisely planned actions. I guess, those who need it, already understood what I’m talking about… and others simply are of no interest to me. Praise Russia! Hail the White Race! Support the forthcoming War!“ http://www.rusmetal.ru/vae_solis/Temnozor.htm

Furthermore the bands „Utgard“ and „Ancestors blood“ shall play.

“Bloodcult Tour 2009”
In March the so called “Bloodcult Tour”, which is also organized by “Furore Finnum”, shall take place in Kouvola and Tampere. The Neonazi bands “Arghoslent” (USA), “Satanic Warmaster” and “Hammer” – both from Finland – shall play.
„Satanic Warmaster“ was found in 1999 by “Nazgul” (also known under the pseudonym “Satanic Tyrant Werewolf”) in the city Lappeenranta. “Nazgul” plays also in the Neo Nazi band “Gestapo 666”. The band “Blutrache” is also a project of “Nazgul”. On a record which was released in 1999, one can find a song with the title “Arische Freiheit” (Aryan Freedom). In 2007 a split recording of the bands “Satanic Warmaster” and “Aryan Blood” was released. The song “The Chant of the Barbarian Wolves” of “Satanic Warmaster” on the release is about the killing of Jews: “Strike hard, without forgiveness When armour and flesh are torn apart Our dawn will break to show no light For the jews (sic!) ravaged with no remorse”. The Neo Nazi solo project “Holocaustus” (alias “Flammentod”) contributed to the recording with the song “Einklang”. On one record which was released in 2005, one can find a song which is named “My Dreams of Hitler”. In 2006 and 2007 “Satanic Warmaster” released records in common with the Neo Nazi bands “Stutthof” and “Gas Chamber”. “Gas Chamber” is also a project of “Nazgul”. In 2008 “Satanic Warmaster” played together with the Greek Neo Nazi Band “Der Stürmer” (named after “Der Stürmer”, which was an anti-Semitic Nazi newspaper) and the German Band “Absurd” in Tampere and Pori.

The US band “Arghoslent” released a split with the Greek Neo Nazi band “Der Stürmer”. On the record one can find a song with the title “The Ghosts of Flossenburg” which is glorifying the National Socialist concentration camps Flossenbürg and Sachsenhausen.

The Finnish band “Hammer” was founded in 2004. The first record was named “Nazionalsozialist” and shows Adolf Hitler on its cover.

Cover of „Hammer“-record „Nazionalsozialist“

Furthermore the bands „Drowning the light“ and „Gravewürm“ shall play.

April: “Satanic Warmaster” in Helsinki
On 17th of April the Finnish Band “Satanic Warmaster” shall play in Helsinki.

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