Neo Nazi concert in Prague

On 5th of September a Neo Nazi concert is scheduled in Prague (Czech Republic). The concert is organized by Marian Prochazka who tried to do several similar concerts in the past.
On 25th of April 2008 a “National Socialist Black Metal”-concert with the Neo Nazi bands “Kroda”, “Temnozor”, “Sekhmet” and “Absurd” and furthermore with the bands “Amon”, “Ill Crow” and “Moravská zima” was scheduled at the club “Svatoboj” in Brno, but the concert was cancelled.
Several Neo Nazi concerts took place at “Svatoboj” in recent years. On 30th of October 2004 the bands “Lion’s Pride”, “Randall Gruppe”, “Kampfzone” and “Squad 96” played there. In 2007 the so called “Dunkelheit Festival” happened, several “National Socialist Black Metal”-bands like “Inferno”, “Silva Nigra” and “Infernal War” could play. On 14th of June the bands “Sunwheel”, “Huldrefolk” and “Kataxu” should play also at “Svatoboj” in Brno, but again the concert was cancelled. Now Prochazka obviously tries to catch up the cancelled concerts. The following bands shall play in Prague:
In an Interview with the German Metal-Online-Magazine “Ruhrmetal.com”, „Eisenslav“, the front man of the Ukrainian band „Kroda“ (which was formed in 2003) , describes their music: „(…) It is the echoes of Ancient Battles for Our Native Land and for Our Blood. It is the gnash of swords, clash of battle axes and hissing of arrows, crushing and sweeping away all the hostile being from Our Land. It is the resounds of terrible battle outcry of Aryan Warriors Allfadr and the raging roar of Aryan Archetype Wolfish Nature.(…)“. Nevertheless he states that „Kroda“ is not a NSBM-band: „Speaking about Kroda style – this is not NSBM. People correctly define our vein as Folk Pagan Metal. Except of that, we don’t sing about politics but use completely another topics: traditionalism, culture, nature…
I shall not deny the fact that anyway we have cartain political views, but this is not about musical aspect of Kroda. I can add here only that both of us feel disgust when we take look upon nowadays political situation that seems like some show.“ (http://www.ruhrmetal-mag.de/interviews/index.php?page=show&id=23&oft=1)

In an other interview, „Eisenslav“ is asked if he believes in the Anti-semitic idea of „Z.O.G. alliance“, „jewish conspiracy and so on and he answers: „Seems that only those who watch TV too much are able not to see it! It’s obious even for a blind man!“. In the end of the interview, he greets with the following words: „Aryan Regards! WOTAN über Alles!“ ( http://www.mortemzine.net/article.php?id=256)


Formerly this Neo Nazi band from Poland was named “Svastyka” (the symbol of National Socialism). This symbol is also used by the band as a band logo. One title of a song on their in 2004 released record “Beastial Onslaught” is “Prophecies of the Aryan Moon”, an other song on the record “Monuments of the Elder Faith” is named “Declaration Against Judeo-Christianity”. Two members of the band also play in the band “Kataxu” which is also scheduled to play in Prague. „Kataxu“ and „Sunwheel“ are members of the Neo Nazi movement „Pagan Front“.
Furthermore the bands “Detonator666” and “Bloody Lair” from Czech Republic shall play.

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