Deutsche und griechische Neonazi-Blackmetal-Band bei Konzert in Belgien

Anfang Juni soll in Belgien ein vom flämischen Arm der Neonaziorganisation „Blood & Honour“ organisiertes Konzert mit diversen neonazistischen Musikgruppen stattfinden. Mit dabei – wie bei vielen anderen Neonazikonzerten in Belgien auch – eine deutsche Band – „Absurd“. Ebenfalls auftreten soll die griechische Band „Der Stürmer“. Im folgenden ein Bericht zu diesem Konzert in englischer Sprache:

On 7th of June a Neo Nazi concert which is organized by the Belgium arm of the Neo Nazi movement “Blood & Honour”, is scheduled in Belgium.

The Greek band „Der Stürmer“ was found in 1998 amongst others by Nick Giohalas alias “Jarl von Hagall” under the name “Herrenblut”, a bit later it was renamed as “Der Stürmer”. The target of the band is to promote the “Heathen/National Socialist Values and beliefs”. The ideology of the band is based on the denial of the “modern world” and the arguing for the “Ancestral Laws of Blood”. The “New Aryan Order” shall rise “from the ruins of the modern world”. The band sees itself as part of a “Pan-European” racist movement, which includes people from several European countries while it excludes the Jews. The goal of promoting National Socialist ideology is strived with appropriate recordings, statements in interviews and concerts. On the other hand the band members are/were not only active in numerous other Neo Nazi bands like “Stutthof”, “Ravenbanner”, “Stosstrupp” and so on, but also in the Greek Neo Nazi movement.
The vocalist of the band, Giohalas, appeared as a member of the Greek Neo Nazi Party “Chrysi Avyi“ („Golden Dawn“, it stopped its political activities in 2005 and became part of the “Patriotic Alliance”) on several Neo Nazi events in German speaking countries, for example on the NPD-event “Fest der Völker” in Jena (Thuringia, Germany) in 2005 and 2007.
In an interview with the „Black Terror Metal E-zine“ of 2006 band member „Commando Wolf“ speaks about the origin of the band name “Der Stürmer”: “(…)we took it from the infamous anti-jewish newspaper that existed in Germany, edited by Julius Streicher, an example of a True National Socialist Fighter. His life ended on the Judaic ropes of the joke known today as the ‘Nuremberg trial’. About the National Socialist “Third Reich” he told: “A bright moment in European history, an example of courage, heroism and iron will that we all must Hail and follow. The struggle and sacrifice of these people must not be forgotten!!!”

Cover of

(Cover of „Der Stürmer“-release „A banner greater than death“, 2006)

The German Band „Absurd“ was found in 1992 in the Thuringian city Sondershausen and became popular mostly because three band members killed a young man. The drummer of the band, Hendrik Möbus, after his discharge from jail incurred a penalty by showing the Hitler salute, furthermore recordings with Neo Nazi contents were made. Hendrik Möbus because of that came back to jail. His brother Ronald, who is – like Hendrik – still part of the Neo Nazi scene, became the new vocalist of the band.Although in recent years the band made recordings with less explicit lyrics, it still plays on appropriate concerts, for example on 09th of June 2007 in the inn Göb in Gremsdorf (Bavaria) amongst others with the French NSBM-bands “Blessed in Sin” and “Finis Gloria Dei”. On 25th of August the band played on a NSBM-Festival in Sibiu, Romania, in common with the bands “Temnozor” and “Orthanc”. In 2008 a record in common with the Neo Nazi bands “Sigrblot” and “Grand Belial’s Key” shall be released.

(Ronald Moebus, Vocalist of „Absurd“)

(Sven Zimper, Drummer of „Absurd“, owner of the Neonazi Label and Online shop „World Terror Committee Productions“)

Furthermore the Belgium Band “Huldrefolk” and the Czech Band “Ecce Mors” shall play at the concert.


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