NSBM-concert with Absurd, Temnozor, Kroda and Sekhmet in Brno (Czech Republic)

On 25th of April a “National Socialist Black Metal” concert is scheduled in a club at the Czech City Brno. Several Neo Nazi concerts took place there in recent years. On 30th of October 2004 the bands “Lion’s Pride”, “Randall Gruppe”, “Kampfzone” and “Squad 96” played there. In 2007 the so called “Dunkelheit Festival” happened, several “National Socialist Black Metal”-bands like “Inferno”, “Silva Nigra” and “Infernal War” could play. The concert in Brno is organized by Marian Prochazka. The following bands shall play on 25th of April.


The German Band „Absurd“ was formed in 1992 in the Thuringian city Sondershausen and became popular mostly because three band members killed a young man. The drummer of the band, Hendrik Möbus, after his discharge from jail incurred a penalty by showing the Hitler salute, furthermore recordings with Neo Nazi contents were made. Hendrik Möbus because of that came back to jail. His brother Ronald, who is – like Hendrik – still part of the Neo Nazi scene, became the new vocalist of the band. On a “Best of”-album with the title “Der Fünfzehnjährige Krieg” (“Fifteen Years of War”, refers to the time of existence of the band) one can find some songs with explicit lyrics:

“Was da atmet, muss nun sterben, dass die Welt gereinigt wird. Mordend Juden und Christenheit, lüstern, voller Grausamkeit. Massengräber füllen sich, holde Pest, wir grüßen dich!” (Translated: “What is breathing, now has to die, to clean the world. Killing jews and Christianity. Mass graves are filled, graceful pest we are greeting you“; from the song “Pesttanz”).

„Ihr könnt meinem Blutdurst nicht entrinnen! Ich stille meine Gier mit Menschenfleisch, mit Zyklon B, mit Gift und Blut.“ (Translated: „You can not escape my thirst for blood! I assuage my greed with human meat, with Zyklon B, with poison and blood.”; from the song “Werwolf”; “Zyklon B” was the gas that was used in National Socialism to kill millions).

On 09th of June 2007 “Absurd” played at the inn “Göb” in Gremsdorf (Bavaria) amongst others with the French “National Socialist Black Metal”(NSBM)-bands “Blessed in Sin” and “Finis Gloria Dei”. On 25th of August the band played on a NSBM-Festival in Sibiu, Romania, in common with the bands “Temnozor” and “Orthanc”. In the beginning of February 2008 the band played at two concerts in Finland, together with the Neo Nazi bands “Der Stürmer”, “Goatmoon” and “Satanic Warmaster”.


The Russian band was formed in 1996. It was a racist and Anti-Semitic band from the beginning of its existence. In an interview in 1998 the band speaks about its world view: “(…) I believe that perishment of christianity is possible at the moment, however pagan revival will stay only a dream until modern civilization based on materialism and judaism is annihilated (…)”. Furthermore the band calls for (violent) action against those who are the scape goat for the problems of the society: “(…) think about the future of our Land, our Race and our nation. If most of you will act the same way, trying to break the chains of judeo-christian slavery and consequences of it’s noxious impact (i.e. disastrous ecological, demographic and geopolitic state of the whole White Race) speaking a lot but doing nothing, then soon there will be nothing and nobody to save. We have to act now. It’s not an appeal to start demagogic debate of the detriment of judeo-christian culture (…) It’s the appeal to real, precisely planned actions. I guess, those who need it, already understood what I’m talking about… and others simply are of no interest to me. Praise Russia! Hail the White Race! Support the forthcoming War!“ http://www.rusmetal.ru/vae_solis/Temnozor.htm


In an Interview with the German Metal-Online-Magazine “Ruhrmetal.com”, „Eisenslav“, the front man of the Ukrainian band „Kroda“ (which was formed in 2003) , describes their music: „(…) It is the echoes of Ancient Battles for Our Native Land and for Our Blood. It is the gnash of swords, clash of battle axes and hissing of arrows, crushing and sweeping away all the hostile being from Our Land. It is the resounds of terrible battle outcry of Aryan Warriors Allfadr and the raging roar of Aryan Archetype Wolfish Nature.(…)“. Nevertheless he states that „Kroda“ is not a NSBM-band: „Speaking about Kroda style – this is not NSBM. People correctly define our vein as Folk Pagan Metal. Except of that, we don’t sing about politics but use completely another topics: traditionalism, culture, nature…
I shall not deny the fact that anyway we have cartain political views, but this is not about musical aspect of Kroda. I can add here only that both of us feel disgust when we take look upon nowadays political situation that seems like some show.“


In an other interview, „Eisenslav“ is asked if he believes in the Anti-semitic idea of „Z.O.G. alliance“, „jewish conspiracy and so on and he answers: „Seems that only those who watch TV too much are able not to see it! It’s obious even for a blind man!“. In the end of the interview, he greets with the following words: „Aryan Regards! WOTAN über Alles!“ http://www.mortemzine.net/article.php?id=256

One of the concerts is scheduled at the club „Svatoboj in Brno“, where several Neo Nazi concerts took place in recent years. On 30th of October 2004 the bands “Lion’s Pride”, “Randall Gruppe”, “Kampfzone” and “Squad 96” played there. In 2007 the so called “Dunkelheit Festival” happened, several “National Socialist Black Metal”-bands like “Inferno”, “Silva Nigra” and “Infernal War” could play.


This NSBM-band from the Czech Republic was formed in 2002, information about the band in Czech language can be found here: http://www.antifa.cz/155-mzdomova-nsbm-made-in-bohemia-part-ii.html

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