„Blood & Honour“ Neo Nazi event in Belgium

On 19th of April a Neo Nazi event, named “Memorial for fallen heroes”, shall take place in Belgium. It is the night before the birthday of the National Socialist leader Adolf Hitler. The „Memorial“ and a concert are organized by „Blood & Honour Vlaanderen“. The following persons shall speak at the “Memorial”:

  • Stefan Wijkamp, who is named “Dutch Hitler” because he dresses up like Hitler, is a leading member of the Dutch fascist Party “Nederlandse Volks Unie”.
  • Stephen Swinfen, also known as „Swiny“, is one of the leading members of the British „Blood and Honour“-Network.

After the „Memorial“ a concert („Return to Glory“) with several Neo Nazi bands shall take place:

The Belgium Band „Lions Pride“ was founded in 2000. With other Neo Nazi bands it can be found on the record “The Skinheads come back Oi!”. On 26th of March 2005 the band played at a concert in the area of Hannover (Germany) also with other Neo Nazi bands. In 2004 the band played at a Memorial Concert for Ian Stuart in Belgium. http://www.turnitdown.de/bands.html?&cHash=bd0d34e2be&tx_list_pi1%5BshowUid%5D=722

The Name of the German band “Die Liebenfels Kapelle” is a pseudonym for the Neo Nazi Band “Skalinger”. On their album “Heim ins Reich” which was released in 1999 they sing: ““Wir scheissen (sic) auf die gesamte jüdische Rasse. Wie Hasen werden wir euch jagen und gesamten Zentralrat im Massengrab verscharen (sic). Schuba duba du Zyklon B. Yeah! (…) Ein Hoch auf Mengele, er hatte recht (sic). Schuba duba du ausgerottet“. (Translation: „Fuck the whole jewish race. Like rabbits we will hunt you and bury the whole Central Consistory in the mass grave. Schuba duba du Zyklon B. Yeah! (..) Cheers for Mengele, he was right. Schuba duba du exterminated”). The Name “Die Liebenfels Kapelle” obviously refers to the name of the anti-Semite and racist Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels. He claimed to be the mentor of Adolf Hitler. http://www.links-lang.de/antifa/keinestimme06/aktuell/0912t.php.

The lyrics of “Die Liebenfels Kapelle” are less radical than that of “Skalinger”, but also extreme right.

It is assumed that the name “Fight Tonight” of an also playing German band is a pseudonym for the band “My War”. The band from North-Rhine Westphalia was founded in 2006 and consists amongst others of members of the bands “Linientroi” and “Boots of Hate”. (http://www.ida-nrw.de/html/Fmusi.htm)

The Neo Nazi Band “Preserve White Aryans” (P.W.A.) from Estonia was founded in 1999. On the album “Out of Order” which was released in 2007 one can find the following lyric: “We got to do what we can, free your mind, we are victim of lies sacrifice your amenity, for the future of our children and white unity (…) million lies, hollywood empire, holocaust industry, death of white power! It´s finally time to se the truth, we are the prioners of lies, believe me it´s true.” (taken from the song “It´s million reasons“).

At the song „Your real face“ one can find an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory: “TV – news, half information, you try to control all the world, but believe me – once times have changed, people start to see your hooknosed face.” On the cover of the album “It’s time to awake” which was released in 2001 by “Blood & Honour Estonia”, a nazi skinhead with a gun and a swastika flag in the background can be seen.

Some of the members of the band “Last Chance” from the USA also play at the band “Code 13”. The song “Holahoax” of this Neo Nazi band is about the National Socialist Holocaust: Six million zombies, Six million living dead. The ghosts of the living that exist inside your head. The greatest hoax in history, the lies that you’ve told. In this generation. The truth shall unfold. Holohoax, six million never died. Holohoax, we will prove your lies. Holohoax, the truth you can not hide. Holohoax, your fate we will decide. The truth has been buried. In a mass grave of deceit. Buried deep in ignorance by the Zionist elite. Your crimes against the fatherland are evil and obscene. Fabricated history, of a past that´s never been. Holohoax, six million never died. Holohoax, we will prove your lies. Holohoax, the truth you can not hide. Holohoax, your fate we will decide.“

The German band „Sense of Pride“ which was found in 2005, on 1st of May 2007 played at a Neo Nazi demonstration in Dortmund. http://www.ida-nrw.de/html/Fmusi.htm

Furthermore the Bands “Agonia” (Czech Republic), “Section 88” and “Unit 28” shall play at the concert. In February 2007 the British band „Section 88“ played at a Neo Nazi event in Hungary (“Day of Honour”). http://www.npd-blog.info/index.php?s=%22tag+der+ehre%22. In August 2006 a concert was planned by the Neo Nazi group “Hammerskins” in Switzerland. http://www.antifa.ch/comm/comm060811.shtml

In September 2005 the band played with other Neo Nazi bands at a concert in Belgium, the police did not intervene although it was present. http://www.searchlightmagazine.com/index.php?link=template&story=150

In March 2008 the band played together with the British Band “Unit 28” at a Neo Nazi concert in Great Britain (“Violent Storm Memorial”). “Unit 28” also played at an “Ian Stuart Memorial” concert in September 2007.

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