Extrem rechte Blackmetal-Band auf Europa-Tour

Im Oktober befindet sich die extrem rechte portugiesische Black Metal Band „Corpus Christii“ gemeinsam mit der Band „Setherial“ auf Europa-Tour, die Konzerte in den Niederlanden, Rumänien, Deutschland, Polen, Frankreich, Slowenien und Italien umfassen soll.


8 Responses to “Extrem rechte Blackmetal-Band auf Europa-Tour”

  1. 1 Nocturnus Horrendus
    September 1, 2007 um 9:07 pm

    It´s clear in some of those lines that I am NOT a nazi.
    Even the reference to the „gay people“ was totally taken out of proportions. It´s clearly meaning that this music is for people who understand it. I could have equally said „not for pussies, wimps“ whatever.
    I don´t even play nor have I ever played in Gestapo 666 or Celestia.
    You are MISTAKING me for Noktu(Cyril) who plays in these two bands and he yes is French, I am Portuguese. Several of the „quotes“ you use are his words, not mine.
    I used to deal with mister Noktu(Cyril) but precisely due to me not agreeing with his ideals, I stopped having any contact with the person.
    To clear things up I need to emphasize that Genocide Kommando is NOT a nazi nor right wing band. The purpose of the band, like in my other bands is to proclaim the extermination of all, not just some.
    Your false accusations have damaged the band image and created a lot of problems due to things that are not even close to the truth.
    I also want to ask why there isn´t sources referred to any of these „quotes“? Be sure about your sources before using them to point out the people you think should be fought.
    There is indeed tons of NS whatever bands out there BUT Corpus Christii is not one of them.
    If anyone reads my lyrics they will NOT see any political references nor will they see any political symbols in ANY of my band(s) releases.
    By the way, one needs to be on drugs to think or ever imagine that the Morte Incandescente symbol is a swastika. It´s 6 scythes, a symbol of eternal death, a symbol of spiritual intent, NOT political.
    Corpus Christii is a religious band, we believe in the expansion of Man and his deliverance to Satan.
    Having explained this I feel you should try to undo the damage you have caused me and Corpus Christii. For instance by removing this page and any other information in other sources that refers to Corpus Christii having these supposed political views.
    Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions regarding this.


  2. 2 Stefan / AST Zine, Label, Concert Organisation
    September 11, 2007 um 3:57 pm

    As one of the people involved in organising one of the shows featuring Corpus Christii I can only heartedly agree what Nocturnus Horrendus says above and would like to use this opportunity to make sure that no one connects us to the Nazi black metal scene, which all of the people involved in this show (incl. the bands we let play at our shows) want to avoid being associated with.

    I personally despise the Nazi black metal scene & don’t want it to be associated with the part of the black metal scene we do support! We work hard, we work dedicated to publish a magazine, release tapes & organise shows that offer a forum for extreme music that is free of rightwing politics. It’s a shame and insult to see a) false accusations posted here & b) no one of the responsible persons of this website able to admit that he attacked the wrong people.

    I seriously ask you to remove this article as it spreads false information & definitely puts damage on people who in no way support the „political“ part of this scene. I appreciate all your efforts to actively work against right-wing politics in music but this time you should see yourself that you’ve attacked „the good guys“.
    Thanks for your attention!


  3. 3 fightfascism
    September 11, 2007 um 8:18 pm

    @stefan: and what about the things, „Nocturnus“ said in interviews? isn’t it extreme right to admit the „occult side of nazism“? Isn’t it extreme right to say, muslims should be annihilated?

  4. 4 Stefan / AST Zine, Label, Concert Organisation
    September 12, 2007 um 12:50 pm

    @Fightfascism: Well, I can understand if one is interested in all the aspects of nazism on a historical,sociological, political and ideological level. As I will probably never be able to fully comprehend how Nazism could rise and gain such a level of power and cause such immense destruction I will always be interested in it myself. But, that is something completely different than praising and supporting the views that were propagated back then. How can you at least try to understand the Nazi-regime if you don’t deal with it by reading books etc.? If you know what happened back then, I think one must be unbelievable stupid if he would find this regime in any way „attractive“.

    I would like to not speak for „Nocturnus“ as he is being accused here, but from spending my time in the black metal scene I know how to differentiate between „provocation“ and „NS-ideology“. I think Nocturnus put it in the correct way by saying „The purpose of the band, like in my other bands is to proclaim the extermination of all, not just some.“ I can truly understand everyone who dislikes this attitude and I don’t think that way myself, but there is no political agenda behind it. Black Metal will always contain such tasteless expressions and this will always be hard to understand for everyone not connected to this scene.

    All the concerts we did so far were „peaceful“ events with extreme music, but we don’t support Nazi-bands and never will!

    Another thing I’d like to put on the table is that accusing bands of being Nazis usually has the negative side effect that people from the right-wing scene or the dumb NS BM fans out there get interested in bands that haven’t been associated with this abominable subgenre before. „Bad publicity is still publicity“ and helps the NS scene to some extent, which definitely should not be the outcome of this discussion. It’s the same with a band that gets banned because of „too brutal lyrics or covers“, it makes it only more interesting for the kids. I guess you get my point.

  5. 5 fightfascism
    September 13, 2007 um 5:11 pm

    but there is a difference between interest for the history of ns (interest which is very important) and admiration of ns. i also find it stupid to find this regime attractive. black metal in general stands for extreme intolerance and hate against many people, so i wonder why these people demand for tolerance for their intolerance. i do not think that the cc-concerts are full of violence or something else, but nocturnus prepares the ground for extrem right attitudes with his declarations. he never gave a comment about his dubious statements mentioned in the article on this homepage and he never clearly dissociated from national socialism. i believe you that you do not want to support nazi-bands but in my opinion you should be a little bit more critical. it’s right that criticism on bands makes these bands more attractive but the alternative would be to shut the mouth and close the eyes.

    September 22, 2007 um 5:08 pm


  7. 7 wurstkopp
    September 23, 2007 um 10:13 pm

    badmouthing non-ns bm bands is contraproductive – in every aspect. there are enough real ns bands out there, please focus on them. thank you.

  8. 8 Nocturnus Horrendus
    September 24, 2007 um 2:04 pm

    Once again Mr „fight fascism“ is using quotes which I did NOT say. Mr „fight fascism“ should definitely read more carefully what I say, my statement and all the rest. Cos when I say I am NOT a nazi nor am I NOT part of any politcal/ns movement so means I am NOT part of any of it. Clear ?!
    When I say YOU used quotes from OTHER people as if it was ME saying it I do MEAN precisely that YOU have been incriminating me in the worst possible way.
    This is taking proportions beyond anyones understanding, even a 10 year old kid would understand better this than you Mr. „fight fascism“. You with your extreme intolerant ideas that yes look more of a Fascist Dictator than of someone preaching for freedom.
    Corpus Christii is a Satanic band, I am a Satanist, my ideas, what I preach go beyond ANY politlcal beliefs. Satan is above all that.
    Fuck politics and definitely shame on people like you that do/say anything to incriminate people that have nothing to do with your war.


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