Tenebrous (USA) – band description

Band from West Palm Beach, Florida. In an interview with the band, they werde asked: „What provides the lyrical inspiration for Tenebrous?“

The Answer of the vocalist and guitarist of „Tenebrous“ called „Armanen“: „Theosophy and science, the pagan past of our blood and spirit, Aryan occultism and the 3rd Reich. Which a lot of people seem to be offended by. To those people I say fuck off. If it’s too extreme for you than you should have nothing to do with any black or extreme metal scene. You all speak of senseless acts of violence, murder, torture etc. but when the terror becomes real and actually serves a purpose (whether you agree with it or not) you all run with your tails between your legs. So pathetic.“

As a final comment, „Armanen“ greets with a slogan of the „Schutzstaffel“ (SS), a large security and military organization of the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi Party) in Germany: „Meine Ehre ist Treue“.

http://www.basementbar.com/DefaultN1.asp?GoTo=InterviewN1.asp?ID=676 (Interview of „Transcending the Mundane“-Webzine with „Armanen“ of „Tendebrous“, 2005)


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